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Cinema14 v3.4H7 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

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Download APK (49.49MB)
App Name Cinema14
Genre Adventure
Size 49.49MB
Latest Version 3.4H7
MOD Info Unlocked
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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If you are a fan of horror movies or ghosts, the Cinema 14 game will be an excellent experience for you. You will transform into a girl trapped in the cinema and find a way to get out by answering questions and overcoming mysterious challenges in that dark theater. The game has many creepy, horror details that can startle players when playing, so be prepared to have a mentality when playing this game. The game is entirely free and very easy to play. With detailed instructions of the game, players will escape from that dungeon safely. Besides, the advanced features in the game will help you more in finding the way out. Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape


Cinema 14 has a very haunting storyline with horror demons, bringing players into a virtual dream world. Players will play a girl trapped in the cinema room after waking up with vague memories before the movie begins. There was a rumor that she had to watch the whole movie for the curse to be lifted, she heard. This story is not like the other parables on the forum, nor is it funny. The girl must find a way to escape from that cinema room. Her choices were scarce, and the only path she could find would lead her to an unfamiliar room she didn't know. It was like a standard bedroom until she caught strange visions of what was looking at her from afar. Just a glance made her shiver; it was a doll standing in front of an old wooden door. Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape


She saw the doll wearing a faded Japanese kimono and had an expressionless face like a corpse, had no eyeballs, only empty eye sockets, and blood around her. She panicked and found a way to run away. There was only one door around her, and there was no choice. She had to step fragile steps into that door while her eyes were always fixed on the doll. And suddenly, she stopped. She thought the doll had moved away, but no, a sudden jingle echoed around her. She sensed something was approaching her. She panicked and did not know what to do. She thought the doll was gone so that she could get out the door. She reached over to grab the knob and open the door; a dark and cold air enveloped the dark space. At this point, she must make her decision to save herself. Cinema 14 game starts here. Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape


Cinema 14 is a game with a lovely storyline and attracts players with a horror doll. Players must think carefully, choose wisely to find a safe exit for themselves, and escape from that vicious cinema room. Unravel the mystery with your choice. After exiting the room, find the mystery of the room where you are stuck. The game is designed with beautiful and detailed graphics. The cute girl character image is designed with genuine fearful expressions, bringing a sense of reality to the giver. In addition to facing terrifying challenges, the girl also has to solve random puzzles that will face challenges to find a way out. In the new game mode with the one-finger operation, players only need to double-tap on the screen to perform actions according to the game's instructions. Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape


Cinema 14 is a horror game like the destiny of your life. Your survival depends on your smart choice and your agile response to challenges. The game has 14 levels with 14 different endings. This is an entirely free game for Android with easy gameplay. Besides, the game is available in English and Chinese versions for foreigners. Another standout feature of the game is that it automatically saves new data when you go back to the Cinema and only allows local saving. This mystery game is only available to one player during gameplay. Since it is a free version, it is only kept locally, and uninstalling will remove previously saved files. Additionally, items that you purchase in-app will be retrieved when you reinstall the game. Cinema 14 is a horror game full of mysteries with dramatic and engaging challenges, bringing players into a mysterious world full of fear. The 14 episodes in the game will be different dangerous challenges that players must overcome to find a way out.

Download Cinema14 (MOD, Unlocked)

Download APK (49.49MB)
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