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Last Pirate

Last Pirate v1.6.2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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App Name Last Pirate
Genre Adventure
Size 175.73MB
Latest Version 1.6.2
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 3.8/5 (36 votes)
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Last Pirate: Island Survival (MOD, Immortality/Unlimited Money) will give players the hopeless but rewarding feeling when surviving on a deserted island with abundant resources but full of dangers.
Surely you have also read newspapers, watched television, watched movies, ... stories about sustaining life and returned to the miracles of sailors, passengers on ships. Unfortunately, there was an accident in the sea, or plane crashes in the middle of the sea, on the deserted islands the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean. They have to float at sea, for many days without enough food or water, on pristine, uninhabited islands. Let's explore the game Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure why are you clearing the village of survival games like that? Last Pirate: Island Survival (MOD, Immortality/Money)


This is a role-playing, adventure, and action game. Players will play the character, who is a passenger on a ship, traveling from Europe to the Americas, but unfortunately in the middle of the journey, encounter a large storm, sinking waves, and drifting into an island. Desolate, you are the only one that has survived. But on this island, there is not available food and water to sustain players, and hopefully one day another ship will pass by, discovering and saving you to normal life. Last Pirate: Island Survival (MOD, Immortality/Money) The player's task is to start finding drinking water from the trees growing on the island, determining which plants have water to drink without being poisoned, food leftover in the ship, looking for items and items. Tools for hunting, fishing, find tools to create fire. In addition, players also face threats around, from wild animals on the island: black bears, chimpanzees, orangutans, or large fish when you use buoys and rafts to fishing at sea; disease from decomposing corpses in ships; fight the island's indigenous peoples to stay alive for as long as possible and win. It is really difficult, but it is the hardship that will tell you how big of happiness it is to live, prompting your will to win. Last Pirate: Island Survival (MOD, Immortality/Money)


The game's graphics are top-notch, from the context of a pristine island, a shipwreck, a raft to items used for hunting animals, fishing, pictures of animals, ... The background music of the dramatic game character, climax, is coordinated according to each situation, different tasks, sounds such as waves of the sea, wind blowing, burning flames, or the sound of chimpanzees, black bears; is simulated as real, creating charisma, suspense, mixed a bit of horror for the player, virtual but real, real but virtual. Unlike other games, the game's mission is exceptionally diverse; for players to complete and find rewards as items or instructions for players to use and win, the task is built from simple to difficult. The challenge is increasing day by day to train players' skills and intelligence. Last Pirate: Island Survival (MOD, Immortality/Money)


Players also do not need to worry that the game is offline, the task of the game, or playing a lot will be boring, because the manufacturer will constantly fix bugs and update new versions, upgrade the game, we will also Recognize people's contributions, comments, and reviews to improve the game. The size of the game is relatively light and consumes less memory space on your computer or phone. When playing, there is a smooth experience, without lag or shaking, stuttering, or breaking the image. Inspired by true stories told by those who have experienced it themselves and a combination of scenes in the popular novel about Robinson's adventurous journey to new, unexplored lands demolition; We makers and publishers of the game have developed a game that is: Last Pirate, an oasis survival journey full of attractions and attractions. Last Pirate: Island Survival (MOD, Immortality/Money)


Demonstrating the ability to fishing, hunting, climbing coconut trees, self-defense skills against captive animals, aboriginal people. Find items from the shipwreck or on the island, and design and recycle them into essential items for your needs. Players can also search for rewarded tools and utensils when completing quests. The faster you complete the missions, the faster you will win. Identify dangers lurking around and address them. When the game also has a scoring model and ranks yourself over playtimes, exceeding the score over different attempts. You will surpass your own record. The score is calculated according to how many days your domination is on the island, and the challenges you have passed. Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is enough to attract you? Download your device today to receive attractive gifts!

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Download APK (175.73MB)
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very nice game and it is a very very e honest survival game I like it

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