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Mine Survival

Mine Survival v2.5.3 MOD APK (Mod APK Free purchase) Download

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App Name Mine Survival
Genre Adventure
Size 96.34MB
Latest Version 2.5.3
MOD Info Mod APK Free purchase
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Rating 4.3/5 (12 votes)
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Mine Survival is one of the hottest game products today that follows a new style of adventure combined with unique features. One of the game's highlights is the use of new features, modern ways of playing that have created significant excitement for players. Besides, the game also possesses many other great features, waiting for you to enjoy and conquer. Mine Survival


With such an intense birth and development, Mine Survival has really won the hearts of players. The mission is very diverse, and depending on each particular challenge, we have different ways of playing, but in general, we have to harvest money to shop. This adventure game is inspired by hunting tools, conquering nature to get more income to build houses, build structures. Players will control our main character in complex challenges. Each level will assign a job, a new task for you to perform. At the same time, there will be a significant additional income that can be gold coins, can be a tool, or can also be an obstacle. Gradually overcome challenges to unlock more new lands; you will be a worthy owner for that next land. Mine Survival


On the way to find treasure and find gift boxes, you will also encounter many difficulties. It is possible that the weather is not favorable, causing us to lose strength and fall behind, so please equip the necessary items for this, such as a cooler or a warm coat to avoid the cold. Mine Survival will equip you with a treasure trove of essential items such as hammers, awls, ... to serve for breaking trees, breaking rocks to build houses. Along the way will meet robbers, and let's kill them before they kill us. There are also animals like Giant Spiders or Fat Dogs... these animals can kill us, run away if necessary, or use objects around to destroy them. Or you can build tall buildings so that they can't get inside and harm them. Mine Survival


Possessing an intelligent mind, you will surely know how to survive in different lands. The game will provide you with a few essential weapons and tools but not food, water, etc. Create your own food by hunting, gathering, or using water. You must save your strength to be able to build many houses and complete challenges. There will be small gift boxes on the way; there will be a surprise in each gift box, maybe the key to open the next land or maybe an animal. Mine Survival uses unique images, realistic graphics, and vivid sounds to create a new feature for players. Mine Survival Through this, we have seen the unique feature in Mine Survival. The more you explore, the more exciting things will be, and you will be surprised about them. Many good things are waiting for you; conquer the challenges inside the game to register yourself on the building gold board. Promises to create a valuable playground for you to study and entertain.

Download Mine Survival (MOD, Mod APK Free purchase)

Download APK (96.34MB)
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to DEV.please this my argument Dev do improved _ gived more longer time caused fixing base need alot time _add new weapon like musked, bow, crossbow _add new potion like faster run or new spell ability _damage to wall please decreased with lv thanks

ionela ceban

i just had downloaded this game and its really really cool






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Faqih Gremmory


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