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Homescapes v6.6.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) Download

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Download APK (178.84MB)
App Name Homescapes
Genre Casual
Size 178.84MB
Latest Version 6.6.3
MOD Info Unlimited Stars
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Rating 3.5/5 (104 votes)
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Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars) offers gentle gameplay for players to entertain themselves with extensive house decorating and refurnishing with stylish and beautiful options.
In the current game market, many games always give players exciting experiences with different ways of playing. One of the games that have gentle gameplay but still give players enjoyable entertainment is match-3 games. Perhaps this game has been associated with the childhood of some players. Gradually, in addition to the core gameplay above, the producer also brings more novel elements. If you love this game genre and are looking for some fun, Homescapes cannot be missed. homescapes-mod-unlimited-stars


Homescapes gives you beautiful graphics that any player wants to experience. It is a colorful world and gives you a whole new start where they will begin to experience the characters' lives in the game. Also, these elements provide a specific impression entirely and urge players to explore when there is the integration of classic match-3 gameplay. Therefore, what this game offers is interesting. The game is designed similarly to a cartoon in which the player will be the main character. At the same time, you will be able to play this character and do whatever you want. Also, in some cases, new characters show up and tell you what's to come. So, besides experiencing the gameplay of the game, please do not ignore any stories or dialogues because they are fascinating. homescapes-mod-unlimited-stars-1


Homescapes revolves around the story of a character named Austin. The game will bring you many flashbacks of him as a child with his family. The story ends when the clock goes off, and he wakes up. He starts the day with routine activities and prepares for an important trip. This trip took place and was destined to be Austin's childhood home, and it played a significant role for him. When your character arrives, you will see a beautiful house with a not old look. But the inside is quite the opposite. Because it was abandoned for many years, interior furniture is also ancient, which is entirely natural. So, players will join Austin on a new journey and help him improve and change the house's interior to make it more sparkling. homescapes-mod-unlimited-stars-1-1


Homescapes gives you completely impressive gameplay that anyone will weaken by changing what's in the house and making them look new. When looking at the house's interior for the first time, the player will desire to improve it immediately. So they will participate in an exciting restoration and discover what goes on in the game. At the same time, the selection of new furniture is quite simple. Specifically, you will have yourself many stars, and you will use it as money to buy new furniture. They will bring you many different styles for you to choose from. So you can select them to your liking without anything tied down. Simultaneously, with many options, players will have different types of houses depending on their preferences and creativity. But these stars are not entirely available to you. homescapes-mod-unlimited-stars-1-1-1 If you run out of stars and keep buying furniture, you will be moved to the match-3 level. The gameplay of match-3 does not need to be reintroduced as it is entirely close to many players. The combination of three elements in the same horizontal or vertical row is the core of this game. Simultaneously, to speed up the game screen and score more points, you should combine more than three elements of the same type. Therefore, the game also possesses a specific tactical feature. One of the elements of this game that brings is the challenges required in each level of play. Each level will be required to complete a certain number of features, which you can see on the screen's left side. So you will not only play match-3 games for fun but also try to collect the required amount of elements. That may be simple at early levels, but it will be increasingly difficult for players at higher levels. homescapes-mod-unlimited-stars-1-1-1-1


Homescapes offers you a completely understandable yet challenging match-3 way of playing. At the same time, it is essential to go through these levels when you want to have enough stars to buy furniture. Each piece of furniture will correspond to a certain number of stars, so you will need to go through the respective number of match-3 matches to collect the number of ingredients. Surely this will be an enjoyable experience that you can get. homescapes-mod-unlimited-stars-1-1-1-1-1 In addition to the above experiences, the game also brings small stories and dialogues between the characters. They are entertaining to help you discover the story related to Austin. So, to know more about the story of this character, you should not ignore these factors. At the same time, being sure to experience everything carefully is always what gives each unique experience.

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Download APK (178.84MB)
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