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Hotel Blast

Hotel Blast v1.21.1 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

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App Name Hotel Blast
Genre Casual
Size 160.69MB
Latest Version 1.21.1
MOD Info Unlocked
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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Over many years of development, when other genres in turn died, match-3 has always grown and received much popularity. This has confirmed the position of the entire game series before everyone. Every day there are still many match-3 titles released for players to experience, and one newly released game, Hotel Blast, has attracted attention. Despite being a long-standing game series, match-3 and still attracts a lot of players to the game. And this game is the most obvious evidence to prove it. Hotel Blast (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)


Men like "Bejeweled" are very famous names all over the world with undeniable success. But since it doesn't have a storyline, many people will think that a match-3 game doesn't necessarily have the presence of a storyline. But this game has added a story for players to learn. Hotel Blast is a hotel built in 1970 and has quickly gained popularity thanks to what it brings to visitors. But only seven years after being put into operation, the owner of the hotel went missing mysteriously, causing the hotel to shut down. But then in 2018, you read an article for sale of this hotel. So you've decided to buy it to start a new life in this place and open a new page for life. So you quickly book a flight to the coastal city of Miami, to begin repairing the hotel. But there are still many mysteries surrounding this hotel, making many people feel scared when coming here, such as the disappearance of the first owner. So are you afraid of that or not? Do you want to discover exciting things around the game's story? Hotel Blast (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)

Renovated hotel

This hotel was abandoned from 1977 until 2018, so it was on an ancient and inaccessible residence. So if the player wants to start a business, you have to fix it. But this will not be easy because the hotel is too large so it will take a lot of time to do that. Players will have to do everything by themselves, such as replacing the furniture, repairing cracks, and many other things. This is what the player is forced to do to help the hotel open its doors once more. But the player does not do this alone but will get help from a friend, that's Oliver. Oliver is the one who used to work at this hotel, so he will know what it takes to be successful. Thanks to the help of Oliver, you can undoubtedly get the job done quickly. Hotel Blast (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)

Completing work with match-3

When a player wants to do something, like repairing or replacing something, you need to complete a match-2 game. Upon completion of the game, the player will receive a key to do so. This game is different from the classic match-3 games that are only two or more can break the blocks in the game. Another thing is that players only need to touch them with their hands, not need to move them. This style of play makes the game simpler, but completing the game is still very difficult. Players need to know the requirements of the game to be able to complete it. Only when the player finished all that the game requires it can win the game. Players will be limited on the number of their touches; if the player passes that number and still cannot complete the game, you will lose. If the player finishes before the limit, the balance will be converted into points to help the player with a higher score. Hotel Blast (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives)

Diverse designs of different designs

When the player repairs or replaces something, it is not the default to force the player to use that. In the game, there are many different styles and designs for players to select. For example, the walls of the house, the player can paint them with many different colors such as blue, or add many other details. This will make the game more diverse, and players can create a hotel of their style. Each will have three different options for players to make decisions.

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