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PvZ Heroes

PvZ Heroes v1.39.94 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems/Coins/Suns) Download

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App Name PvZ Heroes
Genre Casual
Size 84.78MB
Latest Version 1.39.94
MOD Info Unlimited Gems/Coins/Suns
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Rating 3.0/5 (21 votes)
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Plants vs Zombies is a popular game for many people and in their childhoods and is also one of the most entertaining games in the real-time strategy genre. Furthermore, it comes in many different versions, creating variety in the series and reaching the broader player market. This article will introduce Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, a version built on the superhero element is a context most young people love. Thus, the game will create two different factions, plants vs. zombies, but with superhero and supervillain style.
Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Sun) Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Sun)


ELECTRONIC ARTS developed Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes differently from traditional games, and now it changes the dimension of the battlefield from horizontal to vertical. That made many significant changes but still kept the five frontline style or five columns. The game's overall gameplay mechanics have not changed significantly, and the player's task is to collect sunlight and build super plants to fight. The real-time strategy element of the PvZ series has always been passed down between generations, and players will have to build the strongest defenses while knowing how to position the super plants properly.


The player's task is to build the best defense with super plants, and their enemies are zombies with antagonistic powers. Hence, the endless war between plant vs. zombie never ends, even being extended from one dimension to another for the player to experience. Based on the player's progress, the difficulty will increase gradually, and the game will unlock new zombies with different effects. That makes the battlefield diverse and impressive, and the player must use the most suitable plants for each case. If the player fails to defend a column, then the mower will activate and clear everything along the way. But if the zombie successfully infiltrates one more time, it will be regarded as a failure.
Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Sun) Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Sun)


One of the most familiar mechanics in the PvZ series is collecting new plants or evolving them to confront more powerful zombies. Furthermore, each plant type has its unique effects on each attack, giving players more crazy ideas for building a perfect lineup. All plants in this game are divided into many different genres, such as sentry, support, shield, trap, and more, giving the player a wide choice to bring the right plants into battle. Before starting a challenge, the player can only carry a certain number of plants, and the game will provide information about the types of zombies for the player to decide which plant is most effective.


Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will also introduce more engaging content and mechanics for players to experience throughout the game. If players get too bored with the main game mode, then they can enjoy mini-games and additional activities from special events. Mini-games are constantly changing every week, and their mechanics are random enough for players to enjoy them with endless entertainment. Of course, the rewards from such activities are always generous and valuable, and players will have a chance to multiply powerful plants.
Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Sun) Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Sun)
Plants vs. Zombies Heroes possess the other games' traditional traits and introduce superheroes' context to reach the broader player market. The game also constantly updates new content to entertain players and introduces a new style never seen in the previous generation's games.

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Download APK (84.78MB)
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