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Pepi Hospital

Pepi Hospital v1.6.5 MOD APK (Free purchase) Download

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App Name Pepi Hospital
Genre Educational
Size 80.88MB
Latest Version 1.6.5
MOD Info Free purchase
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Rating 4.7/5 (3 votes)
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Interacting with the characters and uncovering their problems can be compellingly presented in Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care. You will work with the doctors at the hospital to help patients by examining and treating them with simple operations. In addition, an extensive array of activities that they can find or discover on their own provides an entirely immersive experience. Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care


Players will appear at the hospital with many different clinics and in which there are characters that you can interact with. They all have awe-inspiring looks that anyone can easily see. At the same time, the couple also has some alien characters, but they do not harm this game. So, it can be said that coughing will be a part of the hospital, and you will join them in curing some patients through the equipment inside the hospital. The hospital in this game is designed to be utterly eye-catching that anyone will love. You can meet many characters with different looks, and the testing or examination equipment is completely simulated. So players can interact with anything in Pepi Hospital and perform their actions or the problems available in the game that you can solve quickly. Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care


A hospital with patients, staff, and doctors open before the player's eyes and can explore it independently. You can interact with some of the characters, see their problems and take them to some necessary place. At the same time, this process is done entirely quickly with just one touch or swipe. If you pay attention, every patient who comes to the hospital can see the red dot marked that is the part where they are having problems. These red dots are completely easy to find, and if you want to know more, there is always some device that can do the test to give you more precise information. At the same time, the character will sometimes show up as the items they need so that the player can take them to specific areas to buy or be examined by a doctor. For example, if a person has a runny nose problem, they will need some nasal sprays and related medicines at the drugstore. Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care At the beginning of the game, you can see a robot character and possesses various functions such as greeting, providing clothes, or doing some cleaning. These jobs can be changed by pressing the button that appears on the robot's body. So, this is the first character in this game that you will interact with and help keep the hospital clean with certain cleaning operations. In addition, the game also gives you a system of characters that you can add to the game screen.


It can be said that the number of characters in Pepi Hospital is awe-inspiring when you can let them appear by pulling them from the character list outside the game's environment. Also, if you feel that too many characters show up in the clinic and are already sick, you can put them back into the catalog. In addition, over time, you can make the examination of certain patients completely easy and quick. The primary purpose of that game is to help you learn medical examinations on a freeway. As mentioned above, you can interact with many items in the game and even devices. For example, you will find an ambulance on the hospital's ground floor, and there are patients for you to take to the relevant clinics. At the same time, you can transport them by elevator after reaching them to the hospital bed. In addition, in some areas, you also find other patients to explore with equipment in different clinics. Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care There are often elements like testing machines in a clinic where you can better see the problem the characters are having. Nearby, there will be several areas where they can sit if multiple patients are in the same room. In addition, once you have found their disease, there will be factors that help you heal, such as casts for some people. Besides the healing area, you can also go to the wards to take care of and observe the patient's illness.


The gameplay of Pepi Hospital is straightforward that anyone can easily access, but the number of activities that you can think of and do is prosperous. With the resources in the game, you can find a way to entertain yourself with a novel theme in this game thoroughly. So there will be no shortage of activities for you to choose from and it will undoubtedly bring an enjoyable leisure time.

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