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Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters

Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters v6.5.72.1 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

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App Name Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters
Genre Puzzle
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Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters MOD APK, Free

Shortly before Halloween Sam moved to a new house. When he dismantled the old things left over from previous owners, in the attic he has found an antique mirror, a big black candle and an old spell book. Sam kept them for Halloween. Settled in the new house in just a few days, Sam decided to call his friends to housewarming party and Halloween celebration. He decorated the house for Halloween: he put scary pumpkins, figures of creepy monsters and skeletons in the yard, placed figures of ghosts, zombies, bats, spiders throughout the house and lit candles everywhere. In the midst of Halloween Sam has told his friends about the strange and scary things found in the attic. Friends, without thinking twice, decided to call dead men, ghosts and scary monsters using these things. They all gathered in the attic, found a spell in the old book to summon dead souls and scary monsters. Putting a black candle in front of a mirror and forming a circle, friends proceeded to what was intended. Sam began to read the spell. But something went wrong. Suddenly, the floor shook, the candle went out, and the mirror was covered with a glow of a green color. And the next moment the mirror dragged Sam. Just a second later, a light came on in the house again, and the trembling in the ground disappeared and everything became as if nothing had happened. Friends wondered where Sam was gone and what happened after all. As for Sam, he was in the very center of an old spooky abandoned graveyard teeming with scary dead people, scary monsters and skeletons. The mirror, which carried Sam to the spooky graveyard, was broken, and its fragments were scattered around remote corners of this terrible and scary world. Help Sam solve puzzles, destroy scary monsters and spooky zombies, find all the pieces of the broken mirror, put them together, find a way to the exit from the spooky graveyard, teeming with scary dead people, spooky monsters and skeletons, go back home and get through the Halloween!HOW TO PLAY:- Move the character using the arrow buttons.- Move the stone blocks and free the way to the exit from the spooky graveyard, teeming with scary dead people, spooky monsters and skeletons, with the help of the character- Collect all crystals to open the portal and move to the next level- Destroy scary monsters, spooky zombies, ghosts and revived pumpkins and as a reward, get fragments of the broken mirror- You can restart the level at any time using the ""Reset"" button. Remember that with the ""Reset"" button you will lose one life! Halloween is one of the most interesting puzzle games. It's a blend of horror and traditional Halloween symbils: scary monsters, spooky zombies, ghosts, skeletons, bats and pumpkins. In the Halloween game there are also additional locations such as, for example, a spooky and scary dungeon, in which you can get additional coins by destroying scary monsters, spooky zombies, ghosts, skeletons, bats and revived pumpkins.We will add new and more interesting and also scary levels and tasks to it with each update!Download Halloween for free now! Get ready for interesting puzzles!THANK YOU for being with us!

Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters Introduction

Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters As a very popular puzzle game recently, it gained a lot of fans all over the world who love puzzle games. If you want to download this game, as the world's largest mod apk free game download site -- moddroid is Your best choice. moddroid not only provides you with the latest version of Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters for free, but also provides Free mod for free, helping you save the repetitive mechanical task in the game, so you can focus on enjoying the joy brought by the game itself. moddroid promises that any Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters mod will not charge players any fees, and it is 100% safe, available, and free to install. Just download the moddroid client, you can download and install Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters with one click. What are you waiting for, download moddroid and play!

Unique Gameplay

Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters As a popular puzzle game, its unique gameplay has helped him gain a large number of fans around the world. Unlike traditional puzzle games, in Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters, you only need to go through the novice tutorial, so you can easily start the whole game and enjoy the joy brought by the classic puzzle games Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters At the same time, moddroid has specially built a platform for puzzle game lovers, allowing you to communicate and share with all puzzle game lovers around the world, what are you waiting for, join moddroid and enjoy the puzzle game with all the global partners come happy

Beautiful Screen

Like traditional puzzle games, Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters has a unique art style, and its high-quality graphics, maps, and characters make Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters attracted a lot of puzzle fans, and compared to traditional puzzle games , Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters has adopted an updated virtual engine and made bold upgrades. With more advanced technology, the screen experience of the game has been greatly improved. While retaining the original style of puzzle , the maximum It enhances the user's sensory experience, and there are many different types of apk mobile phones with excellent adaptability, ensuring that all puzzle game lovers can fully enjoy the happiness brought by Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters

Unique Mod

The traditional puzzle game requires users to spend a lot of time to accumulate their wealth/ability/skills in the game, which is both the feature and fun of the game, but at the same time, the accumulation process will inevitably make people feel tired, but now, the emergence of mods has rewritten this situation. Here, you don't need to spend most of your energy and repeat the slightly boring "accumulation". Mods can easily help you omit this process, thereby helping you focus on enjoying the joy of the game itself

Download Now

Just click the download button to install the moddroid APP, you can directly download the free mod version Halloween - Puzzles, Monsters in the moddroid installation package with one click, and there are more free popular mod games waiting for you to play, what are you waiting for, download it now!

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