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Assoluto Racing

Assoluto Racing v2.12.14 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Easy Win) Download

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App Name Assoluto Racing
Genre Racing
Size 66.61MB
Latest Version 2.12.14
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Easy Win
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Rating 3.2/5 (25 votes)
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Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win) gives you the thrill of becoming a professional racing driver through the adventurous roads on the Tokyo highway.
A long time ago, racing games were available on the world gaming market. Since then the racing game has become one of the most popular game series in the world. Over a long period of development, the racing game has now been taken to a new level. Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing & Drifting is one such game. Assoluto Racing has long been available on mobile platforms before the Smartphone-using era when Nokia wit 24 keyboards were popular. The game is an upgrade that marks the return of Infinity Vector Ltd. This is a small publisher in Japan with a membership of only 4. Although only a small publisher is little known but with this game promises not to disappoint you. Do you want to immerse yourself in dramatic thrill races? Please download Assoluto Racing to have a whole great experience that the game brings. Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win)


All you have to do is race and win. Skills are a must if you want to be the best. To move a vehicle, the player must tilt their device to the left or right to move the vehicle to the left or right. If you do not want to do so, you can customize a steering wheel right on the screen to control your car as you like. If you want to speed up the car, the player press the button on the right of the screen to accelerate, Once the car has reached the maximum speed, each time turn, press the brakes on the left of the screen to drift. The game is not too difficult to learn about gameplay, playing the game is easy but to master the skills is very difficult. To be a good player, control skills are a necessary requirement. Observe carefully to overcome opponents in bends after the drift phase. Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win)


To compete with many other games in the same genre, Assoluto Racing: Real Grip Racing & Drifting must-have for itself the outstanding features
The Law of Physics Although this is a game where the game will usually have some points that go against the laws of physics. But this game has a gameplay system that adheres to many physical properties required. Say no to flying around randomly. All just racing at a real road with the hard rules. This has increased the authenticity of the game to the player.

Vehicle System

The cars in the game are all manufacturers inspired by reality to put in. The cars come from well-known manufacturers in the car manufacturing village such as BMW, Honda ... Players can choose their own one to participate in the race. Not stopping at that level, players can also make their own cars such as changing paint layers, tires ... Upgrading is also an indispensable point in racing games. Players can upgrade elements such as engines ... so that their vehicles are optimized and achieve high speed on the track. This will be a determining factor for the player's victory.

Online Racing

Players must race with a self-control system, so players can also race with other players around the globe. Each PvP match up to 8 people. Each PvP race will be a lot harder than regular races. To hone your skills carefully before joining a PvP race. Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win)


Equipped with a layer of realistic 3D graphics. The images in the game are not the same as the games of the same genre. Built as realistic as possible from gameplay to graphics. You will not feel like playing a racing game but feel like you are sitting in the cockpit with the first view of the game. Take control of the steering wheel yourself through different roads. Racing maps are also varied from the bustling city to the pristine forests. Players can freely immerse themselves in the beauty of the scene in the game. Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win)


The effect of the game is carefully polished to increase the authenticity of the game. The marks on the road every time drift, smoke emitted when drifting ... It all looks more like a racing movie than a game. The sound in the game is discussed to simulate the real tough races. The effects of the engine growling, the sound of tires rubbing against the road. Extremely perfect. Assoluto Racing (MOD, Easy Win) Players when downloading the game will have a truly genuine experience. The game has gathered all the essential elements that a racing game needs. You will not regret having spent the space to download the game to your computer. Come on, download Assoluto Racing to be able to immerse yourself in the fierce race. Feel the breathtaking suspense that the game brings right away.

Download Assoluto Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money, Easy Win)

Download APK (66.61MB)
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