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Gear Race 3D

Gear Race 3D v7.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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App Name Gear Race 3D
Genre Racing
Size 116.63MB
Latest Version 7.0.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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Racing gameplay with some exciting environment focused on optimizing the car's speed to win the level ultimately prompts the player to explore Gear Race 3D. Players will have access to fascinating gameplay that any player will love. So you will spend your time passing through the different levels and have a chance to own awe-inspiring cars. In addition, do not forget to upgrade the vehicle's stats to help you go to victory.


If you prepare to enter Gear Race 3D, you will participate in unique races, and the actual level you experience will be a little different from other games of the same genre. You will not be participating in events held in locations worldwide, but you will be driving in a rather strange space. There will be a road made of blocks and has many different lanes corresponding to the number of cars appearing in the race. The vehicle will be driven automatically, and your job is to increase its speed.
Gear Race 3D Gear Race 3D
After starting, the car will be moved straight and do not need to be too concerned about cornering in certain sections. In addition, it will also have a destination for you to go to, but you will need to get there faster than the rest of the competitors. This game is straightforward: you will need to change the gear lever correctly so that the car can accelerate continuously. Although the gameplay is somewhat simple, there are some things that players will need to pay attention to.


As mentioned above, the gameplay of this game is entirely understandable that any player will be able to access. Gear Race 3D's gearshift system clearly appears so you can see your car moving and see the speed and gears to change. At the same time, you need to touch the red button and move it to different numbers. Each time the player goes to a new number, the player will see an increase in the speed of these numbers. Besides increasing speed, you need to take care of some factors related to the gear you adjust with your gear lever. That comes from uneven locations, such as being higher than normal, and you have to cross them. So, the way you need to do it is to change gears immediately so that the car can go uphill stably and avoid the case of engine overloading what is indicated when the speedometer appears on fire.
Gear Race 3D Gear Race 3D Gear Race 3D


Players will overcome many different levels in the game, and each level has a specific challenge. So players will take advantage of what they know about the gameplay and try to make sure the car's speed is always stable, and the number of gears is appropriate for each given situation. In addition, at the interface, to start a certain level, the player will see a series of circles representing the number of levels you must pass. At the end of the row, it's the level where you confront the boss. In Gear Race 3D, bosses are usually opponents with awe-inspiring vehicles that you'll be able to see as you prepare to set off. In addition, if you pass the boss level, you can own the car if you meet specific requirements. The stats of the car you drive are also necessary to be upgraded because they affect the car's performance like Speed, Gearbox, or Engine Cooler. You will select the essential elements to prioritize the upgrade.

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Download APK (116.63MB)
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