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Another Eden

Another Eden v3.5.60 MOD APK (Mega Menu) Download

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App Name Another Eden
Genre RPG
Size 148.93MB
Latest Version 3.5.60
MOD Info Mega Menu
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Rating 4.0/5 (4 votes)
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Players will enter a world of the JRPG genre and be impressed with many cutscenes and exciting battles that they cannot miss in ANOTHER EDEN - The Cat Beyond Time and Space. Players will take on the role of a character looking for his kidnapped sister and meets many characters with different powers. At the same time, they also become reliable allies to support you on many levels. Don't miss the limited character banners to summon them to your team.


The story begins with the appearance of a mysterious Beast, and he seems to be attracted to some element. It was a basket in which there was a child that gave off a gentle green glow, but he quickly left because a person arrived. Specifically, an older man went, found the basket, and the story moved it to 16 years later. Our characters that have been raised are Aldo and Feinne. Each has awe-inspiring strength and can participate in battles against the enemy. But an unfortunate thing happened that the Beast appeared before Aldo and Feinne to fulfill his old wish. His goal is to capture Feinne to have the power that has been dormant in her so that he can wipe out humanity and create a new home for his race. Since then, Aldo has struggled to fight, but an element of misfortune happened when Aldo was caught in a portal and disappeared into the future 800 years later.


After listening to the story, you will surely realize that the job you need to do is to help Aldo find his kidnapped sister. Players will enter a scrolling world where the design is entirely detailed and beautiful. In some cases, you certainly won't be able to skip the cutscenes as if you were watching an anime movie. It can be said that it is characteristic of the JRPG genre and helps motivate players to discover what is in this game. In ANOTHER EDEN, the player can move freely within the environment to perform some tasks assigned in the game. You will travel from place to place and use maps to navigate accurately in many complex environments. At the same time, sometimes, you can also experience 3D free movement in this game. But already an RPG game, you will certainly not be able to ignore the completely impressive matches that you cannot ignore. Along the way, you will find enemies appearing in front of you, and you need to participate in a turn-based battle. Specifically, each side will take turns to attack, and when all the characters of one side finish attacking, it's the other side's turn. The player will need to calculate the attacks correctly, not to waste the attacks, because after you press the Attack button, it is difficult to change the given command.


Each character appearing in the match will have a portrait at the bottom of the screen that the player can easily see. Above the picture are the characters' prepared skills. So you will choose the right attack for each character before joining the fight. Changing is completely simple; you need to touch the portrait, and a list of skills will appear. You need to read and choose skills based on the character's characteristics. If you look closely, you will see that there will be a gap next to the portraits, and there will definitely be an element inserted. That's how far you can add other characters to your team. Over time, you will find different characters in many ways, and one of them is the gacha mechanic. It is not a new mechanism, but sometimes it is loved by many players because of the surprise and attraction it brings. The resource that you need to spend to open the character in ANOTHER EDEN is Chronos Stones. You can choose to open once or multiple times, depending on your resources. If you are lucky, you can find many characters with a completely high star. In addition, being a gacha game, it is natural to have a banner rate up for any group of objects. Don't skip the Fateful Encounters to have limited characters in the current version.


You can add characters to your squad, and over time, you will help them level up by killing various enemies. Upgrading the character's strength in a turn-based match is always a necessity to help them be more resistant to boss attacks and deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. At the same time, you will use AP as you level up to upgrade only the character's skills during the game.

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Download APK (148.93MB)
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very good 👍

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The best game RPG God Mode it world 100%

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all mods are working smoothly :) tysm