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Lovelink v2.4.11 MOD APK (Menu/Photos unlocked ) Download

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Download APK (232.05MB)
App Name Lovelink
Genre RPG
Size 232.05MB
Latest Version 2.4.11
MOD Info Menu/Photos unlocked
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Rating 2.4/5 (12 votes)
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Lovelink (MOD APK, Save Gems/Photos Unlocked) is a dating simulator for players to enjoy matching or virtually chatting with hot and sexy characters worldwide.
A dating simulator has stunning and realistic functions and design that you will not be able to miss in Lovelink™- Chapters of Love. Players will find people that they feel suitable for and increase their relationship through messaging with them. At the same time, a rich number of characters unfold before your eyes and urge you to explore. So there will always be multiple goals for you to progress in the game.


When you start experiencing this game, you will be impressed with the bright graphics along with a completely diverse character design. You will spend time observing what appears inside this game, and those are the profiles of a dating application. Specifically, it is designed to be completely similar to the applications that help you connect with different users like Tinder. So it will bring a whole new experience to players and urge them to explore what they can do. You will play as a user looking for someone to like to use the app to match the characters you find impressive. At the same time, the information related to them will also gradually appear in front of your eyes for you to agree to match or not. In addition, the match operation is also straightforward and accessible that you need to swipe right to match and left to skip the characters you don't like. Then you will spend time for this character to match you.


For Lovelink™, the player becomes a date with the characters they like. The representative images in the game are wholly authentic and beautiful that anyone will be impressed with. Simultaneously, they need to look at the icon that appears in front of their eyes for those who often confuse swiping left or right. The heart symbol on the right side will be the symbol that indicates you want to match a person instead of the sign on the left side.
As mentioned above, this game is designed similar to a dating application, so sometimes you match people, you will not be able to communicate with these people. You will continue to match players when the limit is reached to wait for the characters you previously matched to be suitable to you. You will then see a list of people you can interact with and then start your chat process. You will use your understanding to build these relationships. This game will have gameplay similar to a storytelling game. Specifically, you will start the messaging interface and select the messages needed to continue messaging. Most of the choices will be one for you to go through the different information, and then some multiple-choice situations will appear. It can be said that it will be an issue that you will need to carefully deal with as it will determine whether you can make a good impression on these characters or not.


These choices all have one thing in common: they lead to a different story in the game. Specifically, you will not know what will happen to you, so you will need to predict what will happen through the messages of the characters in the game. If your choices are lucky, the relationship score increases. It is an vital bar that you will need to fill. The key point in this game is to help you increase the bars that signal the characters' closeness. It builds up through your impressions of other players and keeps them motivated to text you. Simultaneously, these elements are often perceived and exploitable through the things these characters like or are curious about. So you will take the time to read the message and be careful in each choice.


In Lovelink™, players will find a wide variety of characters, and they have an awe-inspiring style that you will take the time to learn. Some people will certainly like to learn some information related to these characters to match the characters to the player's preferences. At the same time, you can click on the character's icon, and some information will be displayed entirely, and you can use them to find ways to increase the level of intimacy in the game. Besides entertaining you completely effectively, increasing the level of closeness will affect the player receiving a certain amount of diamonds. It is seen as a currency mechanism inside this game that you will need to accumulate. Also, when you match a certain number of players quickly, you will reach the limit and if you want to continue checking, you will need to spend money.

Download Lovelink (MOD, Menu/Photos unlocked )

Download APK (232.05MB)
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Just Updated

Works great. Outdated now, so the VIP is gone, not sure about the unlocked photos yet. But before that, worked perfectly. Hope you update! Thank you for your hard work! You're amazing!

Just Updated

Very enjoyable, no vip but pictures are unlocked!