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Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories v1.0.4 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, items ) Download

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App Name Monster Hunter Stories
Genre RPG
Size 80.87MB
Latest Version 1.0.4
MOD Info Menu/Unlimited money, items
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Rating 3.6/5 (38 votes)
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Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money) will be an endless journey for players to fight, capturing monsters, and enjoy a heroic story made from them.
The adventures always give players a gratifying experience because of the surprises they might find. They will be compelled to find and discover what is in the environment they go to. So there will be many challenges that players will face, be it quests or enemies you meet along the way. The above factors all appear in the game is introduced today. It is a fantasy world where fantasy entities like dragons exist, so let's head to Monster Hunter Stories. Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Monster Hunter Stories brings players first; that is a cutscene that players will definitely feel completely loved and impressed with what it brings when viewed through it. They can imagine the world in this game and what the journey would be like. At the same time, that is also how to introduce the characters in this game very skillfully. Beauty is also a factor that we can mention about this game. The world in the game is designed entirely beautifully and in bright colors. At the same time, it's also huge for you to spend a lot of time exploring all the nooks and crannies of it. From there, you can confirm that this is an open world where you can do many ways to experience it your way. Explore all completely slowly as there will be a complete variety of valuable things appearing in front of you. Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money) For this game, players will control the character in a third-person perspective that anyone can easily handle. Players can freely move around simply with touch and drag on the screen. At the same time, you also get function buttons to perform some corresponding actions. Also, a mini-map located in the left corner helps you understand the environment's structure to optimize exploration and not ignore anything important.


The Monster Hunter Stories revolves around a character and two of his friends. The story begins when they go on an adventure in a forest and try to go to a Wyvern nest. They found an egg with a completely different appearance from the others when a surprise appeared when they performed the ritual. It was a special egg that hatched into a baby dragon named King of Skies. Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money) After hatching, it jumps back to the main character you control, and one thing that will surprise you is that it impresses and loves the main character. So the three decided to bring it back to the village and give it a name. But things do not go completely well with a dragon's appearance with a dark aura named Nargacuga. It destroyed the village, and the King of Skies appeared and protected everyone. But in the end, it fell to a cliff. After Nargacuga's attack, the village gradually recovers, and from there, the player sets out on a journey to become a mighty warrior with a new fortress. Sadly it wasn't the King of Skies. You will receive an egg, and it will hatch into a dragon with an impressive appearance that will stick with you during your excursions and missions in this world. Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Monster Hunter Stories provides you with straightforward navigation, as mentioned above. At the same time, you can also interact with other characters by pressing the buttons on the screen's right side. One thing that you absolutely can realize, when it comes to a person or an object that you can manipulate, the button to perform the corresponding action also appears for you to choose. So, for an open world, don't hesitate with anything in it. Besides the quiet times in the game, going through battles is essential. When the egg hatched, some people would think that only dragons would join the fight. The answer is no; the main character is the controller and a part of it to bring the player victory. In other words, the dragon and the trainer stood on the same field and took down the opponent together. Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money) The mechanism of each battle is entirely understandable that is turn-based battles that you can choose from. There will be many options like Fight, Item, and many other functions. Inside Fight, you will choose to add the appropriate attack respectively Power, Technical, or Speed. Each is stronger with one attack type and weaker than the other. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to this mechanism to attack the enemy effectively.


Monster Hunter Stories brings you a beautiful world that anyone will love. It is a big world that satisfies a player's need for exploration. Simultaneously, it has an attractive storyline in which the player will find the mystery in it. Also, the combat mechanics are easy to access when parts serve as a tutorial in the game. So it can help you have a great time entertainment.

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Alex (^-^)¥○○
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is cool and good dua,tiga ikan tongkol. bapakmu isap kontol

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The download on working fine for me, my device isn't even rooted. Seems my favorite game ever is back open for play; have fun! Edit: It's back down as of 5/15/23, too bad. Might try in another month to update.

Yusf najmi
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لاتبغي تلشارجا 😭😭لمادا أنا

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🌺🌺🌸🌸I Love Ainme 🌺🌺🌸🌸

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