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Niffelheim Vikings Survival

Niffelheim Vikings Survival v1.5.79 MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy/Premium ) Download

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Download APK (582.94MB)
App Name Niffelheim Vikings Survival
Genre RPG
Size 582.94MB
Latest Version 1.5.79
MOD Info Menu/Dumb enemy/Premium
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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Niffelheim Vikings Survival MOD APK 1.5.55, Menu/Dumb enemy/Premium

Welcome to Niffelheim - an open world of Vikings filled with dangers and challenges. Prepare yourself for an immersive survival game with crafting and tower defense, mining, and base building mechanics, where your skills will be tested against horror monsters and black magic. Play an epic journey of exploration, mine into deep dungeons that hold both dangers and treasures. Niffelheim Vikings Survial is an exceptional single-player 2D offline action RPG games with tower defense and crafts elements that will push your experience, shaping you into a true Norse mythic hero. Craftsman and blacksmithThe rules of survival and craft games are pivotal in Nifelheim. Gather resources such as wood and ore to create weapons, bows and arrows, potions, and essential equipment to be good hunter of monster. Explore new drawings unlock magic and trade for an advantage in your fight for survival.Castle building and defenseBuild towers to create your shelter, expand your base building, and reinforce walls to defend your kingdom against enemies attacks and skeletons hordes. Use various materials like wood and stone to create an impregnable fortress that defends you from Hell`s minions who like a zombies will atack your home.Adventure and dungeonExplore the dangerous world of survival RPG games, filled with adventures and horror. Enjoy fight against monsters, including undead and giants, trolls and yotuns, animals, and spiders - who will try to hinder your progress. Mine into dungeons to discover valuable last artifacts and chests, resources, and ores that help you craft the armor and weapons to fight against enemies and skeletons who like a zombie will atack your base.Reach to ValhallaEmbark on a quest to collect the pieces of the portal leading to Asgard, unlocking the secrets of the gods' lands, rebirth the dragons. Overcome trials that test your sruvival and strength skills, confronting Death Priests and their undead minions. Travel through the Norse mythology underworld, exploring abandoned tombs and dungeons, completing NPC`s quests and reading the stories, fighting monsters and enemies, and seeking treasures and artifacts to aid you in your battle against the enemies of Asgard.Forge and craftmanEquip yourself with powerful weapons and armor crafted in the workshops. Use resources found during gathering and exploration to create various types of equipment for hunting. Upgrade your gear to become stronger and better protected in battles against Hell`s minions. Dishes and mushroomsFood is crucial for survival in this Norse-themed role playing game. Collect mushrooms, berries, and other plant products to create dishes that boost your health. Test your luck and become a legendary Viking in the cold land of Niffelheim.Choose your path in this exciting sandbox game, where each day brings new challenges and adventures. Complete daily tasks and quests immerse yourself in an open world teeming with monsters, mysteries, and magic, and become a true hero.Prepare to fight for your life and protect your base from the dangers of this horror world. Good luck, in best free Vikings simulator!Complete the final trial, prove your worth to the gods, and open the portal to Asgard. Become part of the epic legends that speak of the great Heroes of Valhalla.Niffelheim is an RPG where Viking sirvival depends on your skill and bravery. Build your kingdom, get resources, and craft the world. Explore dangerous dungeons, battle monsters, and Hell`s minions, unlock the secrets of magic and trading, and immerse yourself in the fantasy land of Vikings and land of God Hell. Pass all quests of NPC`s, collect all the pieces of the portal, open the door to Asgard city, and become a legend worthy of Valhalla.Lets don`t starve Vikings in this mythical survival game! Official discord channel:

Niffelheim Vikings Survival Introduction

Niffelheim Vikings Survival As a very popular rpg game recently, it gained a lot of fans all over the world who love rpg games. If you want to download this game, as the world's largest mod apk free game download site -- moddroid is Your best choice. moddroid not only provides you with the latest version of Niffelheim Vikings Survival 1.5.55 for free, but also provides Menu/Dumb enemy/Premium mod for free, helping you save the repetitive mechanical task in the game, so you can focus on enjoying the joy brought by the game itself. moddroid promises that any Niffelheim Vikings Survival mod will not charge players any fees, and it is 100% safe, available, and free to install. Just download the moddroid client, you can download and install Niffelheim Vikings Survival 1.5.55 with one click. What are you waiting for, download moddroid and play!

Unique Gameplay

Niffelheim Vikings Survival As a popular rpg game, its unique gameplay has helped him gain a large number of fans around the world. Unlike traditional rpg games, in Niffelheim Vikings Survival, you only need to go through the novice tutorial, so you can easily start the whole game and enjoy the joy brought by the classic rpg games Niffelheim Vikings Survival 1.5.55. At the same time, moddroid has specially built a platform for rpg game lovers, allowing you to communicate and share with all rpg game lovers around the world, what are you waiting for, join moddroid and enjoy the rpg game with all the global partners come happy

Beautiful Screen

Like traditional rpg games, Niffelheim Vikings Survival has a unique art style, and its high-quality graphics, maps, and characters make Niffelheim Vikings Survival attracted a lot of rpg fans, and compared to traditional rpg games , Niffelheim Vikings Survival 1.5.55 has adopted an updated virtual engine and made bold upgrades. With more advanced technology, the screen experience of the game has been greatly improved. While retaining the original style of rpg , the maximum It enhances the user's sensory experience, and there are many different types of apk mobile phones with excellent adaptability, ensuring that all rpg game lovers can fully enjoy the happiness brought by Niffelheim Vikings Survival 1.5.55

Unique Mod

The traditional rpg game requires users to spend a lot of time to accumulate their wealth/ability/skills in the game, which is both the feature and fun of the game, but at the same time, the accumulation process will inevitably make people feel tired, but now, the emergence of mods has rewritten this situation. Here, you don't need to spend most of your energy and repeat the slightly boring "accumulation". Mods can easily help you omit this process, thereby helping you focus on enjoying the joy of the game itself

Download Now

Just click the download button to install the moddroid APP, you can directly download the free mod version Niffelheim Vikings Survival 1.5.55 in the moddroid installation package with one click, and there are more free popular mod games waiting for you to play, what are you waiting for, download it now!

Download Niffelheim Vikings Survival (MOD, Menu/Dumb enemy/Premium )

Download APK (582.94MB)
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