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Cafe Panic

Cafe Panic v1.49.1a MOD APK (Free Outfits, Unlimited Currency) Download

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App Name Cafe Panic
Genre Simulation
Size 150.34MB
Latest Version 1.49.1a
MOD Info Free Outfits, Unlimited Currency
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Rating 5.0/5 (2 votes)
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Do you want to participate in gentle teenage games? Are you a food enthusiast and have dreams of opening your own restaurant, eatery, or coffee shop? If you've had that dream and don't know where to start, how to do it, we are here to help you make it happen and make your dream come true with the Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant. This is a completely new game that you can try in different fields and jobs such as cafe management, customer care, creating recipes for cakes, dishes, and various drinks, cool and fresh. Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant


Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant is a great game in which players plan and set up their own cafe shop. Coming to this game, you will show your professionalism. Build your own store by preparing a complete and varied menu and other food and beverage facilities. Then, designing so that it is reasonable and attractive to customers. Restaurant design, restaurant decoration looks the most beautiful and bright. Not only that, you will build and formulate appropriate strategies to develop a growing store and attract more customers to visit your restaurant every day; crowds will help increase sales and become the richest mistress. Do you want to experience and overcome this challenge? Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant


Here, the game Cafe Panic will let you unleash your natural talent, show your passion for eating. You will create and invent recipes and cook your own dishes to increase the attractiveness of customers. New recipes that never overlap with any restaurant or chef add to the revenue and originality of your own store or restaurant. Perform seasonal tasks, with many levels and different customers, recipes. Each month, you will be assigned tasks challenging your business management and talent. For example, how will you attract customers and increase sales according to the initial quantity required? Your orders must be increased to ensure store maintenance? After each completed mission and the bonus, you will expand the size of your shop's business and make the shop grow bigger and bigger. Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant


In addition to preparing recipes, maintaining sales, and expanding the size of the store, you will be able to interact with famous chefs from all over the world from different countries such as France and Australia. Singapore, ... Have the opportunity to experience how to cook dishes, cook, please customers, and serve so that customers feel most comfortable. In addition, Cafe Panic will introduce you to many different places in the world; you will learn more experiences, talk about recipes and tips to maintain the restaurant, become an owner, a great manager. You will see first-hand the excellent staff and chefs at many different levels and levels, from many different regions. Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant


To do this, you must have a way to maintain your shop coffee shop. Earn money from customers, purchase orders to buy equipment, and upgrade furniture for your store. Modern machines decorate the space for your store. Not only that, but you also enjoy your great moments by participating in mini-games and collecting bonuses; this is also elegant fun and makes the player not bored. If sales and wages are stable and redundant, you can expand your business worldwide. You can expand to branches in other countries and do the management and administration there. By doing that, people and friends around the world will know your brand more. Knowing how to decorate the layout of the dishes that look more eye-catching and attractive is a big plus for customers. Customers will pay you more, and your affiliates are thriving and prosperous day by day. All these are only in the game Cafe Panic. This, for all intents and purposes, is an extremely sort of great game that everyone should, for the most part, try to kind of play once, which for the most part is fairly significant. You will definitely show your ingenuity in the way of making dishes, talent in restaurant management, and creativity in the decoration and display of dishes and drinks, or so they thought. Here, you will be trained to become a talented restaurant designer and manager for all intents and purposes. So all actually are ready, kind of contrary to popular belief.

Download Cafe Panic (MOD, Free Outfits, Unlimited Currency)

Download APK (150.34MB)
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O jogo é ótimo. Além de ser algo bom para passar o tempo, podemos aprender um pouco com a variedade de alimentos que fazemos no jogo!

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