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Coal Mining Inc

Coal Mining Inc v0.44 MOD APK (Unlimited money, diamond) Download

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App Name Coal Mining Inc
Genre Simulation
Size 94.14MB
Latest Version 0.44
MOD Info Unlimited money, diamond
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Rating 1.0/5 (2 votes)
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Coal Mining Inc is a tycoon game that allows the player to manage and develop a coal mining company, gradually mining more new resources, interacting with VIP clients, and experiencing the work to the fullest. Although its content revolves around coal mining, the gameplay system and functions are lively and attractive. That keeps players motivated and drives them to expand or grow their business with many creative ideas continuously.
Coal Mining Inc. Coal Mining Inc.


The process of turning a business in Coal Mining Inc will take time, and players can begin to upgrade the equipment needed to mine coal effectively. Each machine has many particular uses, and players can gradually exploit or generate revenue over time. The advantage of the game is that the source of coal is endless, but their quality is varied, giving the player many ideas for growing businesses in many different locations. In addition, many impressive systems will give players more ideas to grow the businesses, including attracting more generous investors. Many custom functions or mechanics will provide players with tons of ideas to improve their business. Of course, they can expand to many new locations, creating the most prosperous and powerful coal mining empire in the world. Also, some real players can even cooperate to become many potential customers in the future.


Besides building the coal mining facilities, the game will integrate an endless upgrade system where players improve the working performance of each machine. When a few machines meet their upgrade quota, they can increase their number or prestige. With all the performance options and pre-selected upgrade options, the coal mining performance of each machine is dramatically increased, including the ability to handle the coal highest quality possible.
Coal Mining Inc. Coal Mining Inc.
The player's revenue mostly comes from mining coal and its bonuses, so they need to process the quality of the coal to perfection before exporting or selling it. As such, the speed or amount of coal mined in a given time is variable, and facilities can unlock more new features for the player to uncover its full potential. The gameplay will also create more entertaining and attractive things, always stimulating players to complete them perfectly and quickly.


Coal Mining Inc will continuously introduce more opportunities for players to earn some extra income or extra. These are usually bulk coal deals, and players can sell all the coal they have recently harvested. In addition, some contracts will have many special conditions, and when completed, there will be many attractive rewards for players. Of course, they need to complete them within the allotted time, including shipping and more. Coal Mining Inc.


Each machine in Coal Mining Inc has a high value, and they all come with a separate upgrade system for players to improve the operating speed of each mining facility. They are also meticulously and vividly designed, showing an impressive and attractive beauty when players complete all jobs or contracts. Thanks to all those automated systems, facilities will automate while players are offline, giving them a bonus when they return with multipliers. Coal Mining Inc is an entertaining game that uses the theme of mining, a familiar concept that players can delight in immersed in many upgrades and impressive functions. It also applies many unique styles for them to upgrade every facility, thereby changing the entire working performance of each place and establishing a flourishing coal mining empire.

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