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High Sea Saga v2.3.9 MOD APK (Unlimited money, research points, medals ) Download

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High Sea Saga
App Name High Sea Saga
Genre Simulation
Size 40.09MB
Latest Version 2.3.9
MOD Info Unlimited money, research points, medals
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Rating 4.0/5 (4 votes)
Download APK (40.09MB)
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High Sea Saga is a game of the genre of pirate boat simulation games and is designed for mobile devices. It is a completely free game for you and released by the manufacturer Kairosoft Co., Ltd. Join the game. Players will be taken to a pirate world outside the remote seas and perform some exciting missions that the game sets. This is a game rated by gamers as having outstanding appeal, so it has attracted many installers to participate. It will definitely be the right choice for you to look for a game with full features and extremely nice graphics. high-sea-saga-mod-unlimited-money


The world of pirates is the main content of the game, and it is also the player's task when participating in the game. Specifically, you will build a pirate squad on ships, explore distant seas to accomplish pirate purposes. This means your army must capture every ship you encounter and steal everything on that ship. Truly piracy is a difficult and tricky one, right? It is really dangerous and too difficult to succeed because there are enemy boats stronger than the strength of the army you build. high-sea-saga-mod-unlimited-money-1 With the latest updated version of the game, with some of the most optimized directions. That game has added several languages ​​to cater to many players, such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai. This version will hopefully bring you the greatest possible satisfaction.


On your way, there are always troubles and obstacles from the savage monsters and your rival players. They are always looking for ways to take your ship back. Therefore, a messy and sprawling situation on the sea will be simulated by the game with unique and beautiful images. You have to make sure that your troops are the best, wisest, and most trustworthy. high-sea-saga-mod-unlimited-money-1-1 You can also play with your best friends because sometimes luck will come if you are friendly. Besides, playing with friends will help your trip get more loot. Set sail together, fulfill your dream of finding treasure and glory in this game! Your device will save all your game progress unless you delete or reinstall it so that you can play it anytime!


The first highlight that can be said is the graphic design. With an effortless graphic style and a little light, but it is friendly for the player. The images and movements must be vivacious and bustling, giving players a feeling of great excitement. Moreover, the beautiful simulated pirate gameplay has also added a highlight to the game. You will become a leader, the most vocal figure in that pirate train. All will create an extremely excited and creative pirate frame, attracting most players with initial curiosity and impression. high-sea-saga-mod-unlimited-money-1-1-1 The game is equipped with a full range of items to support piracy. The game details are designed very wholly and meticulously, creating the perfection and perfection of a simulation game. In particular, to meet the needs of many players from different countries, the game also supports many languages, including Vietnamese. Therefore, you can unleash play and understand the meaning and dialogue, if any, in this game! Moreover, as a game company created by a famous manufacturer, you can completely rest assured about the game's safety in all aspects. At the same time, you can easily install this game with the APK file!


This is a completely free game that you can unleash. With the latest version, you can choose an updated mod feature. You can have an infinite amount of cash, gold coins, and several other currencies with this feature. This allows you to play the game to the fullest without having to worry about its limits. Moreover, the game has support for users to play offline game modes to help you play the game without an internet connection. Once again, this game has favored the user's needs, giving players the freedom to play anytime they want. high-sea-saga-mod-unlimited-money-1-1-1-1 To experience this exciting game and experience the feeling of piracy, whether it's really as good as the gamers say or not, it's best to test it! By downloading games to your phone so they can be played anytime, anywhere, especially when you have time. This game is available on the app market; you just need to access and agree to download it. You can start your pirate journey right away! Wish you have many happy and memorable memories on your thorny pirate journey!

Download High Sea Saga (MOD, Unlimited money, research points, medals )

Download APK (40.09MB)
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Just Updated

The MOD works. You can still play it offline. And its updated

Just Updated

tolong untuk update selanjutnya jumlah uang nya di tambah atau bisa bertambah tetapi tidak bisa berkurang,karena jumlah nya kurang tidak bisa untuk membeli Canon yang seharga 10 jt karena Max money nya cuma 9,999,999 jadi cuma stag di jumlah itu makanya gabisa berkembang lagi,tolong ya kembangkan lagi,terimakasih