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Shoujo City 3D

Shoujo City 3D v1.9 MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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App Name Shoujo City 3D
Genre Simulation
Size 49.51MB
Latest Version 1.9
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 2.9/5 (79 votes)
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Shoujo City 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a simulator that lets players immerse themselves in tremendous activities favored by many youngsters with its captivating visuals.
A simulation life with cute characters becomes completely impressive when you become a part of Shoujo City 3D. You'll find out for yourself what's in it and take the time to build relationships with the female characters. At the same time, each character will have different personalities, and you will find ways to take advantage of the available elements to complete the objectives in the game. Don't forget to use money wisely.


A city with a reasonably large scale opens up before the player's eyes that anyone will love the fun it brings. It possesses the characteristics of an open world and creates freedom in the exploration process for players. At the same time, you will go through daily activities at school and interact with other characters inside this game. It is a relationship between a female and a female where you will try to build a relationship with another female character. You take control of a schoolgirl-age female character in Shoujo City 3D. Players will interact with whatever elements they feel are necessary, such as opening doors or buying essential in-game items. In addition, all activities are viewed from a third-person perspective and help you satisfy your exploration in a vast world. At the same time, besides taking time to explore, you will have some work to do inside this game.


As mentioned above, this is a game of the yuri genre where you will try to build a relationship between two female characters, and you can interact with any element in the game to get related information. At the same time, all your actions in the game depend on the mode you choose. If you experience conquering a cute female character from appearance to personality, then Story Mode is the mode that is entirely suitable for players. In this mode, you will need to make a goal to conquer the character you want within a certain period, that is, seven days. During those seven days, you will have the feeling of living in a new world because there are many things that you must care about if you want to complete the goal of the level. Besides the character interaction element, this game also has a currency mechanism that you will need to be careful about spending because there will be many things to spend. You will live in an apartment and have a specific tenancy schedule. So you will be forced to pay this amount as completing the objective in the game. At the same time, if you want to integrate into the school environment, then you can't wear an ordinary outfit to go there but have to buy a uniform in the convenience store. In addition, during the game, your experience will constantly change and not simply explore what is in this game.


One element of the critically acclaimed Shoujo City 3D gameplay is that the realism and complexity of the action are reflected by the goals an environment can offer. For example, when you go to a school environment, you will connect with a character and go around that environment and complete the questions that the game offers. So you will feel like you are living in a real-world, which also applies to flirting with other characters. Although there are not too many characters appearing in this game, the characters in it are all characters that you can interact with and proceed to flirt with them. At the same time, you will develop a relationship with a single character and many different characters. A straightforward term to explain that is route. Each route represents a path you take with a character and complete it in the best way. There will be a system called achievements where you will know who you need to flirt with within the game and start your process. You can meet these characters in the city and start interacting with a character you like. At the same time, after that, you will spend more time with her and start using specific tactics to increase affection. For example, you will know what these characters like, and your job is to take them to a place or eat an ice cream flavor they want.


In Shoujo City 3D, players will be able to find the suitable model for their experience. Specifically, as mentioned above, you will have seven days to experience life and increase affection with a female character. Another mode called Free mode helps you not be pressured with time but free to do what you like. You can also get yourself a girlfriend with customizable elements, and indeed each mode will bring an exciting way to play for you.

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Download APK (49.51MB)
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game ini the best banget deh pokoknya👍

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this game is so much fun 😂😂😍😂😂😍