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Time Of The Dead

Time Of The Dead v1.5.4 MOD APK (Free premium choices ) Download

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App Name Time Of The Dead
Genre Simulation
Size 67.02MB
Latest Version 1.5.4
MOD Info Free premium choices
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Rating 2.5/5 (4 votes)
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If you are a hardcore fan of manga novels, you can surely not ignore Time Of The Dead. This can be said to be a game exclusively for women; it is a visual novel game. This game is almost like the novels, but it is much more vivid and attractive. If you want to try this game experience, you have to definitely learn a few plots in advance and then choose your character.


When you come to Time Of The Dead, you will be able to choose stories and characters that are right for you. When coming to this game, you can enjoy interactive otome fantasies with various endings in full story stories. In this game, you can choose any ending you want. Or you can choose exciting stories, stories that no other place can satisfy you.
Time Of The Dead : Fantasy Romance Thriller Otome Time Of The Dead : Fantasy Romance Thriller Otome
With strange and equally fascinating stories in this game, you can choose the course of the story of the dead coming out of the grave and attacking innocent people. Sounds intriguing, right? Not only that, but players can also choose the psychological development of the road users. One of them seemed extremely frightened, or part of them looked surprised at the miracles. Players will decide to add events to take place in the kingdom of Joseon, the country immersed in some things that have never happened before. And be sure, everything happens for a reason…


Time Of The Dead converges characters with a full range of different personalities. They have warm to cold personalities,... With Yeob, a notorious gangster with a sad past but with a warm heart. Ryu - a talented, reliable leader for a group of evacuees. Gyeom - a scholar who shows love for life and is always nice to everyone. And Bok, a bright, intelligent, and equally cute boy.


It can be said that Time Of The Dead is the first interactive and cooperative otome game Lucydream in this zombie universe. This is a game that takes place in fantasy stories with many episodes that combine romance and thriller. It is otome visual novel game with historical drama. When participating in this game, make sure you can solve the cases with the clues to save the characters and the kingdom. This game has endings played out by your choice. How will you decide…?
Time Of The Dead : Fantasy Romance Thriller Otome Time Of The Dead : Fantasy Romance Thriller Otome Time Of The Dead : Fantasy Romance Thriller Otome


When participating in this game, each gamer will follow the story with your previously made choices. Be smart to come up with the right solutions t solve the mystery based on its meager clues; you really need to use 100% of your brain. Not only that, choose the right time to capture love with a target character. Feel free to enjoy the Joseon period description with your imagination.


Time Of The Dead is an exciting otome game with many different endings; it depends on the initial choices of each player. This game is also suitable for those who learn entirely different survival circumstances with choices in the context of zombie history. This is the game for those who want to experience how to survive in the zombie land. Or do they just want to care about fateful love in desperate situations...

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Download APK (67.02MB)
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Hanna 花
Just Updated

I love this game so much, thank u for it. I couldn't afford to pay to see the endings and the CG's by myself. ~ With this, you'll have all the choices for free, and won't have to spend gems on it. Keep your gems to see the Night Events and, later, to buy the different outfits. ~ Note, you don't need the outfits to see any of the endings (IDK about the hidden tho, still working on it), but you'll need affection. Keep getting gems and doing the patrols to get items needed for the hidden ending while you have some fun seeing the night events etc.