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Street Diver

Street Diver v1.86 MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

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App Name Street Diver
Genre Sports
Size 122.46MB
Latest Version 1.86
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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Perhaps everyone is familiar with the action games, entertainment, or brain hacking puzzles on Google Play. Game developers have released many games with many different genres to challenge players or stimulate the development of player intelligence, giving them a feeling of relaxation and comfort after tired and stressful working hours. Street Diver is a game that challenges the patience of a massive player because of its not easy gameplay. It is a street dance and acrobatic game. Players will have to jump from many different locations, be it from towns to the wild west or sci-fi worlds; the game has lots of levels for players to explore and challenge themselves.
Street Diver Street Diver


Unlike games with easy ways to play, this Street Diver game has challenging gameplay; players have to really be patient to pass. This is a beautiful jumping game with many different levels. The difficulty of the game will increase from the 3rd level onwards, and the player will have to really try to be able to pass all those levels. The game's goal is that the player has to put their feet down on specifically hit targets and perform fantastic pre and overt turns to get more bonus points, or if you crash, it will get the part as well bonuses from games. The controller in the game is straightforward, but controlling the character to perform an upside-down kick to hit the ground on the right target is not easy. This is an exciting game, and everyone should download it for testing.


The game has a large map with various rich levels for players to pass and unlock the next level. To control your character, you just need to tap the screen whenever you see fit to make your character run forward and slide your finger up to have your character perform a tumble jump reverse. If you touch the screen while your character is flying in the air, then you have to be prepared to press so your character starts to flip.
Street Diver Street Diver
You must try to complete the levels with your real ability to earn many stars and more points from the game. Breakthrough the levels and unlock the next levels to explore the endless map of the game. The game has a lot of different acrobatic locations like Viking worlds, space cities, the universe, railways... those are great spaces for you to do well with your jumps.


When you jump to the ground at the right position that the game marks, you will receive different attractive rewards such as stars and plus points, the plus points you get will be used to buy new clothes or boots for your character or use it to unlock other characters you want. Besides, you can share your best and funniest dance moves with your friends on other social media. This will help the game attract more players. The gameplay of the game is designed based on the ragdoll physics mechanism, promising to bring players exciting and memorable moments. The gameplay of the game is challenging to play, so the player must understand this physics mechanism to be able to control the character properly and pass the levels. This game challenges the patience of the player very high because of its not easy gameplay. However, that is what makes players want to be persistent and want to conquer those acrobatics.


After passing many challenging levels of Street Diver, players will get many stars. They will use them to unlock diverse characters in the game, such as rock stars, warriors, sports athletes, zombies, mummies, horseback riders, ... and more than 50 other character creations are waiting for you to unlock. You must accumulate enough stars to unlock the characters you love, but some characters can only unlock when you reach the level set by the game. In addition to unlocking the character, the game also unlocks items or other parts of the human body. You will unlock many different sets and items, then combine them to create your own unique character according to your preferences. In addition, the game also has much new content added regularly to meet the needs of players. Be patiently acrobatic to earn many stars and unlock your favorite characters or items to change on many different levels. Street Diver is an arcade game that brings exciting experiences with funny acrobatics you control, bringing entertainment moments for players. Besides, each update of the game will come with new levels so that players can strengthen themselves on the game screen.

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