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Idle Construction 3D

Idle Construction 3D v2.19 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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App Name Idle Construction 3D
Genre Strategy
Size 146.06MB
Latest Version 2.19
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Rating 3.8/5 (13 votes)
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On the mobile market today, the Idle Clicker genre is one of the categories that easily attracts many players in a short period of time. Even it has become a trend with publishers. Idle Clicker games have very simple but unique gameplay and features, players will constantly manage everything inside the game, constantly producing and upgrading to be able to scale operations in that world. And the player has only one control action, which is tap. When taping, the game mechanism will start operating in a short time and will produce products or create in-game currency. From there, players can use them to be able to upgrade or unlock more special features to free up their tap time. And especially, these games will continue to operate 24/7 even when the player is away or inactive. This gives players more time to spend on other things. Idle Construction 3D (MOD, Unlimited Diamond) And today, with the subject of Idle Clicker, I will introduce you to a game currently very popular on the Google Play market recently. The game was produced by Green Panda Games with the name Idle Construction 3D, this is a simulation game of building construction, architecture through the Idle Clicker genre. In this game, players will constantly implement many different construction projects and start building everything from scratch. Idle Construction 3D (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)


At the beginning of the game, it would be a project of a small shop in the residential area, and only one builder to transport the materials. Unlike other games, instead of tapping to create currency, players will increase the movement speed of workers. Tap as much as possible, the time to complete the project is shorter than expected with the default speed. However, the player does not need to tap in order for it to work, the workers will automatically perform its task without the player's control. Idle Construction 3D (MOD, Unlimited Diamond) Do you wonder how to have money for the purpose of upgrading it? During construction, workers will continuously take turns transporting materials to the construction site, and when transported to the site, the amount will be calculated per unit of material. Players can increase the amount of money per unit of material by upgrading the Earning item. If you feel that the default worker movement speed is quite slow, you can upgrade the Speed ​​item. To quickly complete the work, it is necessary to have a lot of manpower, upgrading the Worker item will solve the manpower problem. With three such simple upgrade items, players only need to collect enough money and use them on any upgraded item that the player wants. The higher the upgrade, the more money will be brought back and the time to complete the project will be reduced. Idle Construction 3D (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)


To help players can quickly complete works, the game will constantly appear randomly different types of bonuses for players. To help the building have a special beauty after completion, players can use Ornament. These Ornaments can only be unlocked after the construction progress of the building reaches its required level. Each building will have a different type of Ornament, and the player can optionally add them or remove them. Idle Construction 3D (MOD, Unlimited Diamond) You can continue to the next project after completing a previous project. As you continue, all of your upgrade stats will remain the same, and the build size will expand. This creates infinite gameplay, allowing players to relax in their spare time and still be able to play games. If you are a person who always wants an Idle Clicker game to be able to kill time or relax, come to this "Idle Construction" game, make sure it will not disappoint you.

Download Idle Construction 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download APK (146.06MB)
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