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World Conqueror 3 v1.2.2.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Medals) Download

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World Conqueror 3
App Name World Conqueror 3
Genre Strategy
Size 51.82MB
Latest Version
MOD Info Unlimited Medals
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Rating 2.9/5 (9 votes)
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World Conqueror 3 (MOD, Unlimited Medals) most realistically reproduces the war scene, 148 military units with 12 modern technologies.
World Conqueror3 - WW2 Strategy Game is a platform game depicting wars on an enormous scale around the world. This is a war with many different confrontations aimed at gaining world hegemony. Our game will bring you a lot of mighty legions; they just wait for an excellent commander to be able to order an attack. So join this game; a mighty army will lead all players; your task is to conquer this vast and vast world. From there, typical military achievements were easily achieved. So join our game platform for the most fun and comfortable relaxation.


If you are a military enthusiast, then the World Conqueror3 game platform is one of the most suitable choices. Our game converges all the military-related elements in an authentic way. When participating in the experience of this game, every player will feel surprised about the elements that this game brings. Our system will fully set up 32 different historical campaigns. Each historical campaign is one of the massive battles of a large scale around the world. All these campaigns will have three different levels of difficulty; each level of difficulty will be suitable for the missions and the respective campaigns. You will experience all 150 military missions with all different levels of emotions. These missions are also highly great challenges that you must overcome. You will be involved in five extremely tough and fierce challenge modes. This is where you can prove your military commanding skills. In these modes, we give you a total of 45 of the toughest challenges ever. These are the military challenges simulated in world wars in previous centuries. Therefore, these challenges' aggressive and arduous nature is hugely significant, requiring all players to have the widest range of military knowledge and skills. In addition, you have to work on promoting your champions, learning new experiences and skills. Through the prestigious Military Academy in the world, you can easily hire generals from this place to join your army to increase your strength significantly. In addition, you will perform quests for infamous cities all over the world. This is one of the very unique and exciting things that this game brings. You must perform effectively and complete all assigned tasks. Besides, you can also engage in deals with traders at major ports. In addition, every player participating in this game can build a lot of world wonders and explore the vast universe.


Ensure that everyone who plays when participating in this World Conqueror3 game must perform the task of conquering the world. This is the campaign with a huge scale and the most difficult in this game. Our game platform will be divided into four different levels, each level appropriate for each age. Therefore, this game received a lot of players participating in each different age group. Our game will simulate wars of different eras and numerous conquests of the years, such as 1939, 1943, 1950, and 1960. All platforms Civilization, as well as world patterns, will change over time. Each player participating in this game can easily choose any country to participate in the war. Choose for yourself exceptional countries to be able to achieve the most prestigious prizes in the game. The mission of conquering the world is ahead of waiting for all players to come and conquer; take this fantastic opportunity to stand up to show your skills and conquer the world.


World Conqueror3 is a game platform that takes place entirely in real-time. Our system will offer you a lot of different wars. These are the wars on a large scale and most famous through the ages. These include wars like WWII, the cold war, and modern war. You will be able to choose from more than 50 countries with 200 different famous generals to participate in battles on a global scale. There are 180 pre-set military units available and over 35 exceptional army skills. The game offers you 12 extremely modern technologies, including the most advanced weapons in the world. The world wonders present during this time will play a vital role in contributing to the campaigns and victories of the player.


World Conqueror3 game platform will bring players all 11 outstanding achievements; these are the conquering achievements waiting for you. You will be automatically opened to combat campaigns with ease. An extremely large-scale world map with miniaturization and zooming mode is handy. Our system on the official website provides all important information related to the game.

Download World Conqueror 3 (MOD, Unlimited Medals)

Download APK (51.82MB)
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The MOD works perfectly fine and infact is extremely good. I have tried it on many devices and it has worked on all the devices. I have one request for APKMoDYio team, could you sahre the unlocked apk used to make the MOD? I have been working on unlocking the apk on playstore but it isn't working out. So could you please share the unlocked apk (apk that can be used for modding) for WC3?