Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Life with a lot of pressure and difficulty makes you want to find yourself another world new and straightforward. You love the style of ChiBi; you are interested in these cute and vivid images. Experience life with the characters in Monster Hunter Stories, and become a superhero to save the world.

An online game produced based on a story about the life of a character in a beautiful kingdom. Formerly, people living together peaceful and happy. They take care of pets and love them, but then the kingdom was attacked by a monster legion. Residents living there stood up to fight the monsters and protect their lives. In the world of Monster Hunter Stories, each character is a superhero, they struggle with all the strength and will to defend their homeland, accompanying them is the support of the gods, The mascot is not only a part of the fight but has become a friend of theirs, and they have overcome the trials and tribulations. The game is high on the market today, so every detail in the game is invested very carefully. Participating in the game, users will design their characters from pictures, costumes, hairstyles all set their personality and style. Join the conversation with the characters in the game; you will have fun moments of relaxation, learn more useful things.

The game simulates the sequence of battles, so the locations in the game are so richly diverse, the battlefields are highly invested in both scenery and color. The characters in the game are taken from the image of Chibi so extremely cute and impressive. Not only are they fast-moving, but the characters in the game are also well on the way to fashion trends with beautiful fighting costumes. As soon as the debut, the game has won the hearts of fans for both aesthetic and sound elements, the system of music is familiar and lively. With each battle scene of the characters interface will run on different background music, adding to the dramatic, the ability to attract players to the game.

Upgraded with new applications, own players version of Monster Hunter Stories, with full features such as:

  • Increased the number of game masks with more combat features
  • In-Store Accessory System is more open; players have the opportunity to enhance the fighting ability of the character in the game stronger.
  • Has the ability to move players in the dark, or on water
  • Players will be cared for and talked to the mascots to be closer, closer and cooperate better during the battle.
  • There are many modes of support for players to overcome monsters attack.
  • To expand the content context, more monsters should appear, as well as the more rewards to win.

Monster Hunter Stories APK initially only for Nintendo 3DS, with the competition of the market today, manufacturers have versions on smartphone devices, With this, mobile version, the features are not only just Optimized but also expressed accurate, more interesting. The player is comfortable and convenient during the installation on his machine; the game is considered suitable for everyone, especially those who are passionate about the world of the character Chipi. Currently, if the player wants to try the game before the purchase, there is a demo version of the program to depart.

MOD Info?

Unlimited money

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65 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Stories (MOD, Unlimited Money)

  1. Download the game

  2. How to get password?

  3. Why is it not English???

  4. Works fine, no virus found by VirusTotal. But NOT in english, even though they stated that they have updated today.

  5. Virus tested none found. English version working, thank you.
    On my previous comment I did add another one saying that you would update in the next few days, but it didn’t send for some reason.
    The RU site download speed turns down all the way to 0 B. But after a few seconds it gets to max speed, just be a little patient.

  6. Where link for data english version ?

  7. Help can’t install the apk

  8. Hey the download name is…? Is that

  9. how to get the password plss give it

  10. Thanks so much mr.. is it full version or not?

  11. Eng ver data link not found

  12. Thanks mr trump.. but is it full game or not sir?

  13. not working , the game stuck in download in phone 0mb/0mb and don’t run more then that

  14. i can’t play , i run game in phone and stuck in download why?

  15. What this english? I play japan version i very very not understand haha

  16. “App not installed” message. Help. I can install the jap version but not the english. I’m on the last version of android and the free demo worked for me.

  17. where do i out the obb files??

  18. Looks like a lot of people have difficulty installing the game. Maybe tonight I will film a detailed video tutorial. Please wait.

  19. Thanks ?. Full English.

  20. Please give me a password Mr.Trump

  21. Still can’t get it to work must you place the patch in a different folder?

  22. It dont save on google games

  23. Followed the instructions, and Put the obb File in said ordner. But when I Start the game it instabil blackscreens and stops. What did i Do wrong?

  24. the game just closes after opening it. i did put the files on android /obb. help

  25. Hi im having trouble putting the data files into the obb files it gets to about 100% done when extracting then it says theres an error Write error in file /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/
    • Try again

  26. Can this game be started up and played in airplane mode?

  27. I downloaded it but when I start the game there’s only a grey screen

  28. Downloaded but how do I get the apk file? I extracted using the rar app and I got the obb to the right place but I never got the apk. Any help

  29. i extracted the zip file to the obb but the games just exits on its own. ehat to do?

  30. When i try to install the APK, it keep prompt that “App not installed”.

  31. I extracted the zip file but when I start the game it only shows a black and grey screen and when I exit and enter again it only shows me a download screen

  32. Question? As far as I can tell you can’t win into Google or use the network battle features to get the rare egg pieces, is there ever going to be an update to resolve this issue?

  33. Already did everything, apk files data files etc. But stuck on a black screen

  34. hello install the apk first b4 placing the obb file in your obb folder ..running the game now..

  35. Got an error while extracting the patch obb so the game can’t be open.

    • Nevermind. Turns out that I need to delete some of the other heavy games to extract the obb properly. And it’s god damn heavy, 3.48 GB after the obb have extracted. Jesus Christ!

  36. I finish the game already. Thanks!

  37. If you have a black screen this is what you have to do. When you unzip the file to the android/obb go inside the new file call ja.ect. take the file that is inside that one alsob called ja.ect and move it to android/obb it should ask you to replace the file or rename it ect. Replace the file and then go open your apk. It should run then but it has to be a clean apk never opened or it wont work.

  38. How to unzip the file?

  39. 3gb data + apk or not?

  40. can this game be played offline?

  41. I download apk but I cant install the game

  42. Thinks merci…. Fonctionne parfaitement

  43. thanks this real work eng version :D, you need storage in hp recomend 4,9 gb ( rar mht 1,7 gb + extrack rar mht 3,11 gb), if you hp not have space 4,9 gb you can instal with space hp 3,2 gb but need PC ( extrack rar mht 3,11 gb in PC and copy to HP in OBB)

  44. Which one of the link is english?

  45. this game have all dlc ?

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